Hong Seul Ki

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He will stay in Berlin until 8/2008. His strength is nearly 8 Dan! He comes from Seoul and wants to study English language. His main purpose is to play and teach Baduk!

If you want to call him via e-Mail: seolki11 hanmail net and per phone: 0176-96 03 90 90.

By the way: his firstname is Seul-Ki.

He is playing as seolki on KGS.


Hong next time

  • Di, 11.12., Villa Offensiv

You want Hong visit your Go-place? Then edit the table!

Hong, games


Wöchentlicher Gruppenunterricht bei Seul-Ki kostet im Monat:

  • Vollzahler: 50 EUR
  • Ermäßigt: 35 EUR


Hong has a bank account:

Hongs regularly timetable

Day Place Remark
Monday Martha ab 18 Uhr
Tuesday Villa Offensiv ab 18:30
Wednesday Privat Go-Teaching in Berlin ab 12 Uhr
Thursday Privat Go-Teaching in Spandau ab 15 Uhr
Thursday Spandau, www.spandaugo.de bzw. auf www.govb.de ab 17 Uhr
Friday TU ab 16 Uhr
Saturday open or Tournament
Sunday 5ziegen or Tournament
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